Music for film / television / theater

Selected recent works:

Searching for Dragons (music soundtrack)     

SYNOPSIS: An encounter with a stone dragon in the heart of Central America, inspires filmmaker Dan Gainsford to abandon a routine desk job and embark on a five-year pilgrimage from the Arctic to Panama. Intuition guides Gainsford’s path in this non-traditional documentary as he struggles with his place in the North American dream. In the end, visionaries and laymen help him renew his purpose and reveal the importance of forging new stories about the places we call home.

I will put some extracts of the film music soon.

Roof Runners (music soundtrack)

SYNOPSIS: From December to March, Felix, Julien, Eric and Charles, along with the other members of the snow removal squad, brave the cold of Quebec to live these few months in suspension. They are called L’Escouade des neiges (The Snow Squad). Every winter, for the past ten years, the squad can be seen perched on the steep roofs of Old Quebec. These spider-men climb, shovel and de-ice the roof tops. They protect pedestrians and buildings of the historic district from the risks of Nordic temperatures, such as sudden downfalls of dense snow and potentially fatal ice formations. But beyond their work, somewhere between the sky, the city and the river, they have found a temporary space of freedom.

I will put some extracts of the film music soon.